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Vets for Trump movement was established by U.S. Military Combat Veterans and works in conjunction with veteran service organizations, nonprofits, corporate sponsors and government agencies to provide support and advocacy for Veterans at national and local levels.

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 Farewell for now Joshua! #VetsForTrump

It is with sadness that we learned one of our founding members, Joshua Macias, has personal family issues that prevent him from further leadership participation in our grassroots movement. We fully understand the need to prioritize family over anything related to our organization.  We believe in his “WHY” & look forward to working with him in the near future.  His continued work in helping Veterans in transition is key to our success and legacy as well.

We sincerely want to thank Joshua for his dedication and commitment towards the success of the National Grassroots Vets for Trump movement. His work has been truly commendable, and we appreciate his contribution to Veterans and in particular Vets for Trump.

From the very earliest of days Joshua made a difference. He worked tirelessly to get to know all the right people in all the right places. His efforts were noticed by all who got to know him. His selfless acts will not be forgotten!

Once again, we would like to thank him for his hard work and dedication – Joshua was a valued member of our team. His dedication to the cause reflects great credit upon himself, the members of this team and the United States of America.”

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